Do I really need a professional bartender?

Hiring someone with experience behind the bar makes all the difference at an event. You can definitely hire an amateur or have a self-serve option but will end up costing more, professionals bartenders employ industry standard portion control techniques. The piece of mind and confidence knowing the beverage station is being handled by professionals, will be well worth it! The bar is often the gathering point at many social functions. A great bartender understands that, in addition to making great drinks, they are also there to provide entertainment. The way they interact with the guests also sets the tone for the event and can turn a good time into a spectacular one!

Do you have a liquor license?

Mobile Bartenders do not need a liquor license. A liquor license is required to “sell” or re-sell” liquor. By law we cannot sell you alcohol for your events, however, we can point you in the right direction to get the best prices and provide you with a detailed list of inventory!

What areas do you serve?

We are based in Maricopa, AZ but we do not limit ourselves to how far we will travel!

What is the bartender’s attire?

Standard attire is all black but we will accommodate your party’s theme or style upon request.

What is the process to hire you for an event?

You will want to “save the date” as early as possible to ensure it is secure ($50 deposit required). You can call, fill out form on website or email to discuss details and get a quote. Next, will be your consultation where build your drink menu and provide you with all necessary information to ensure a successful event. Also, sign our contract and 50% down at that time. Then the excitement of the event to remember!

Are guests expected to tip?

Tips are customary in the bar service industry. Although, we understand there may be certain circumstances when a tip jar will not be appropriate or allowed. In that case, the host is responsible for the gratuity at the end of the event. At their discretion with approx. $2 per guest as a guideline.

How much do you charge?

We do have price guidelines on our website but we also understand that each event is unique and a lot of factors go into assembling an accurate quote. We are very competitive so feel free to contact us to get a more exact price!